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Regina-Ft Qu'Appelle-Yorkton-Canora

Delivery - Saturday, May 12

               - 1 - 3pm

               - Trinity Lutheran Church

               -order window- May 3-9


Saskatoon, Humboldt, Watson, Kelvington

Delivery - Saturday, April 28

               -1 - 3 pm

               - Prairieland Park Ag Centre

                  at the corner of Ruth St. and Lorne Ave.

                  Take Ruth St exit off Idylwyld and then                   use the Lorne Ave entrance to the park.


               -order window-April 19-25






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A question for those who are getting Free-Range Turkeys for Friday...

Posted 10/5/2011 12:25am by Janeen Covlin.

Hi again!

Sorry to  put 2 emails out in 2 days but I have 2 important questions for those that have or are planning to order turkeys for Friday...

The turkeys are nice and clean, chilling off tonight but we have one potential issue...many of them are quite large...not too many under 15lbs and many closeer to the 17-20+ lb range

So my first question is...can I find out who will be willing to take the bigger birds? (some of you have already said)  If I can fill those first, it will help immensely with the rest! 
If the thought of turkey re-creations is daunting(due to a large turkey) here's a link to a list of great ideas (and google has many more!) and keep in mind that this DOES mean that you can simplify meals for a while by having meat cooked and ready to go!  Do I have any takers?

Second question...(not as important RIGHT now) In the future is it worth it to you to get your birds fresh, with no need to thaw before roasting? or would you rather we butcher them a month earlier and freeze them?

So once again, sorry to bother you...
but hopfully I can hear from some of you in the AM...would SOO appreciate it!

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